Removing air bubbles from resin casts.

31 December 2021

The right tools in the mould and casting industry begin with the vacuum chamber and pressure pot, also known as the pressure chamber.


Vacuum Chamber


The vacuum chamber is used primarily to eliminate air bubbles in hard setting resins but also allows gasses produced by the reaction of the catalyst to be drawn from the resin so they are not trying to escape whilst curing. This creates a water clear result after cure.


Pressure Chamber


The pressure chamber can be used for both degassing and pressure setting materials.


Bubble Free Finish.


For all KymCast projects I use both pressure and vacuum to reduce air bubbles. Not just for clarity of the piece, but to eliminate possible weak points. Setting under pressure assures a good chemical bond between layers. It also helps with resin penetration into embedded objects and is one of the secrets to achieving an industrial quality smooth surface. 


Using a vacuum and a pressure pot combined gives the best clarity possible for every piece and also forms the strongest bonded piece possible.


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