About Kym Young

Kym Young hand crafting custom gear knobs for cars

Having been inspired by nature from an early age, as a child, I would spend countless hours recreating miniature villages, cabins and gardens, using only what I could find in the back yard. This passion for art and creation led me to pursue a career in architectural model making, working for a Sydney based company where I first learnt about resin.


From that moment I was hooked and couldnt get enough of it. I was inspired by the possibilities of the seemingly endless creations resin had to offer. This led to where I was eventually found by life casting new borns and natural forms, launching me on a whole new journey for resin creations.


Presently, I like to spend my time crafting unique gear knobs for car lovers. Whether it's revamping old classics like “The Scorpion” or creating new, more contemporary designs, there's something special about preserving and showcasing those ideas and life experiences in a world of resin.


about kym young custom gear knob manufacturer



ABN 94 672 295 981

Toowoomba Qld 4350

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