Keep your custom gear knob from KymCast looking like new.

31 December 2021

Maintenance and care for your KymCast custom gear knob.


For general cleaning we recommend a microfibre cloth to remove dust and dirt. For built up hand grime, a damp cloth with luke-warm soapy water should be fine, then dry with a clean microfibre cloth. 




Use a good quality automotive polish with no cut. Follow the instructions on the label. Personally, I use - Novus (no.1) - plastic clean and polish which can be purchased online or from a good auto or boat retailer. 


Removing Scratches



Sometimes scratches may happen, this can occur just through use over time. Rings on your hand, or even watches can cause scratches, but don't panic. KymCast Gear Knobs are buffing wheel safe. 


You can use a buffing wheel or use a high number wet and dry sanding pad to remove any scratch marks. Starting with 1000 grit, work your way up in grit number to as high as you can. Then use ‘cut and polish’ and finish with a ‘clean and polish’ to achieve a brilliant high gloss finish.

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