Do weighted gear knobs make a difference?

27 December 2021

KymCast gear knobs don't just look amazing, they add a personalised touch and are bigger and heavier than OEM shift knobs.


Do weighted shift knobs make a difference? 


The answer is yes, weighted gear shift knobs offer several benefits. In modern cars, weighted gear shift knobs serve a very specific and beneficial purpose beyond just looking awesome, they can improve your driving experience.


Increased Weight Means Smoother Shifts


The weight and mass of a KymCast knob also serves to dampen (and thus reduce) the vibration you feel in your hand as you are shifting and can help eliminate unwanted vibration or road feedback. This further contributes to the smoother feel of the shift.


Are Weighted Shift Knobs Bad for My Transmission?


The short answer is no.


We've all heard the myth that it’s bad for you to rest your hand on the shifter. There are those who incorrectly claim that a weighted shift knob will damage your transmission and cause it to wear out more quickly.


Physics and common sense dispel this myth fairly quickly. Firstly, the gearshift does not directly engage with your car’s transmission. The force from your weighted shift knob is due to its weight, and its weight is due to gravity. Gravity acts straight down – vertically and downward.


A vertical force has no effect on your transmission, nor will it cause the selector fork to engage with the rotating collar (not even a little bit!). Instead this weight simply rests on the bushings holding the linkage between the shift arm and the shift fork. These bushings are not part of the transmission, and will not wear out from the increased weight.


So, if you choose to invest in a KymCast shift knob, you don’t need to worry about any potential damage or additional wear to your transmission. Weighted shift knobs do make a difference—but only in a good way.



Kymcast Gear shift knobs aren‘t just for looks – they are also for performance. The additional weight of a KymCast shift knob increases the momentum as you change gears, making it much easier to overcome resistance of the gate pattern and the counter springs. The added weight also helps to dampen vibration and unwanted feedback.


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