Custom Chronicles. Red Back Spider Gear Knob. 

16 April 2022

I was contacted by Dave who had been looking for a redback spider gear knob to match his red Interior.

At the time i didn’t think it would be a problem finding a good sized specimen, but maybe due to the floods and high humidity, i could not locate a decent sized one in all the usual places. A few small ones but nothing that would look good inside a gear knob. 


I decided to see what it would look like creating a modelled spider. I ran the idea through Dave and we decided to give it a go at least until a good sized specimen of a real one was located and stabilised. Stabilisation can take weeks.


After printing a spider shape, i heated and shaped the legs carefully to bring life into it. Then after some paint i sent a picture to dave who gave the thumbs up to see if it would cast well into resin.

I wasn’t sure if the plastic from the 3d printed spider would melt in the resin as it heats up to cure. So i decided to do some tests first and as i suspected the plastic melted and warped the spider


I set about doing some tests with different coatings on the plastic and found one that worked well at preventing the plastic from changing. I coated a new spider print and painted it up then cast it into the gear knob.




Here is Dave’s new Gear Knob installed. Thank you for the photos Dave!










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