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09 April 2022

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting John. He owns a beautiful GTS HQ ute that he is restoring. He put his trust in me to craft him a shift knob that has “houndstooth” material to match his interior design.

After brainstorming some ideas and seeing what options were available we ordered in a decal gts badge from the good folks at ’Rare Spares’.  John also gifted me a piece of the houndstooth material to create the gear knob with.

I set about doing some tests on some small off-cuts of the material in the vaccume chamber and pressure pot. I always test first to see how well it will stabilise and how it will look. Sometimes material can change colour and look quiet different after being embedded into resin.


It stabilised well but a strange optical illusion occurred that was noteworthy…

After stabilised, one side of the material had changed appearance and now looked like checkers and not houndstooth.

I ran a second test to confirm which side had changed so i could get the right side showing in the final piece.

We looked at framing the material in a border and decided on a chrome ring.

John then decided the position of the material pattern and the colours for backing and base fittings. 

I first made this inclusion…



Then cast this inclusion into the gear knob…




This is John's new gear knob installed. Thank you for the photos John!



To see a video of John's GTS gear knob please see this Face Book Link..

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